Brick & Mortar

42 Sixth Street
11:00am – 6:00pm


Brick & Mortar Living is proud to present “Four Generations Expressed Through Art & Design” a unique show highlighting the talents of a group of eight artists crossing four generations from one BC family, ranging in age from 22 months to 73 yrs old.

Generation 1st:
Di Koci – Impressionist Painter

Generation 2nd:
Laurie Duke – Potter and Sculptor,
Jenn Pistone – Fluid Art Painter
Alex Richmond – Conceptual Art & Design

Generation 3rd:
Julia Dewhurst – Written Word & Design
Emma Nash – Creative Art & Design

Generation 4th:
Ernest Richmond – Abstract Expressionist
Ondine Lou – Expressionist Painter

We hope you will join us and while in the shop take in the vast array of unique locally sourced handmade productsfrom well over 100 Designers. Brick & Mortar Living is an expression of Art & Design at its very core. We look forward to meeting you!