Peter Julian, Member of Parliament

Union Gospel Mission

110-888 Carnarvon Street


Healing Through Art is a course-based art program at Union Gospel Mission’s Resource Centre in New Westminster.  This program makes art accessible for people experiencing barriers such as homelessness, poverty or addiction.

Many people who experience homelessness struggle with depression, emotional health, cyclical addiction, or social anxiety.  UGM’s Healing Through Art program provides a healthy outlet for people to process their emotions and develop coping strategies for stress, while increasing self-esteem and decreasing anxiety.

This program is a safe place.  Through it, participants have discovered they can better grapple with any suffering, isolation, or ongoing barriers in their lives.  Huddled around the art table, personal walls come down.  As people put paint to paper to express themselves, staff and peers receive them with unconditional acceptance.

The goal of Healing Through Art is to –

·         Give vulnerable people the creative tools they need to grow

·         Restore a sense of wellbeing

·         Empower people via creative expression

·         Help participants move forward in their lives

About UGM’s Resource Centre in New Westminster

UGM in New Westminster is a refuge for people who have nowhere else to go.  Through programs and services, guests are equipped with important life skills that help them move forward in a healthy, holistic way.  Every weekday we serve breakfast and lunch, provide street toiletries and clothing, offer encouragement and advocacy, and give people the tools they need to re-build.