Cherry Lane Fence

First Fence: Dogs of 6th and Devoy

Second Fence: 805 Cherry Lane

The Cherry Lane Fence is the second fence project of Citizen Canine Companion Society.

CCC focuses on the importance of dogs for our well being.

“Citizen Canine Companion- For the love of the dog”

80% of the proceeds from the fence go to support the B C and Alberta Guide dogs and dogs for Autism

The fence, at 805 Cherry, New Westminster, has room for more dogs and cats.

As of July 13 2018 the total donation is $4,000. 

  • Come by and see the mural.
  • Buy a book. Buy a card.
  • Make a donation to the guide dogs
  • Have your dog or cat painted here, and help Margaret Halsey reach the target donation of $5,000.

With $5,000. Margaret can name a puppy after her late father Bert.

It takes over $30,000 to raise and train one puppy. Your dog or cat on this fence, or the next one, can help.

Come and meet the artist at work on the fence from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Sunday.

Margaret Halsey