Eighth + Eight at Massey Theatre   
            735 Eighth Ave
              Eighth & Eight
              Plaskett Gallery & North Wing
              BC Floral Art Society
              Tony Durke
              Paul Gravett
              Angela James
              Victoria Klassen
              Victoria Mitchell

              Paul Newton
              Judy Villett
              Jim Walsh

The Gallery at Queen’s Park     
            Centennial Lodge, Queen’s Park
              Katherine Macdonald
              Best of the Crawl Exhibition

New Westminster Public Library    
            716 Sixth Ave

Timothy McGowen   
            437 Seventh St.

Holy Eucharist Cathedral    
            501 Fourth Ave


Public Art to explore Uptown:

   Street Banners 2022-2023 – Sandra Yuen

   Puddle Jumper


   Welcome to the Zoo

   Queen’s Park Totem Pole