Tim McGowen
610 Sixth Street


It all began for Tim within the suburbs of Toronto. 
Living as a child near a wooded ravine, Tim developed a fascination for trees and being in Cottage country further developed this relationship through the formative years. In middle and high school, Tim’s proficiency in woodshop and art actually saved his grade average.
Life being what it is, the need for money outweighed the art side of life for a while, until he ended up back in the rain forests of B.C. Then the rainforests of Venezuela and Ghana.
Being reunited with trees and then back in the throes of everyday life, Tim purchased a wood lathe for the purposes of turning spindles for a heritage house his wife.
Tim parleyed his skills into bowl making. 
Cruising the established streets of Vancouver has afforded him with a supply of beautiful hardwoods. This wood has adorned the city streets for decades and has either fallen prey to the elements or removed by the city as a hazard. It is a shame to see it thrown to the chipper with so much more to offer.
With chainsaw in hand, Tim salvage’s as much as possible to turn it into his fine bowls and vessels.
By purchasing his bowls and vessels you preserve a little tree heritage and also make room for more fluid movement in his house, which his wife will appreciate.