Victoria Klassen

Victoria Klassen is an abstract landscape painter. She attended Emily Carr College of Art & Design and the Langara Fine Arts program and has experimented with various art forms including photography and metal work. Victoria lives and works in New West, having found a welcoming and art-loving community to call home!

Painting landscapes allows her to re-imagine shapes and forms found in landscape and nature and transform them into new compositions. Some pieces are quite abstracted and visually describe a sense of place with horizontal planes, suggestive of a horizon in a landscape. Other pieces are more recognizable as a landscape and convey an emotional connection to the natural world with the use of colour and expressive brushwork. She conveys a feeling of landscape rather than a realistic representation of it so that the viewer may recognize some aspect of a landscape. 

Working abstractly challenges her to paint what she doesn’t see as opposed to painting purely representationally. She works intuitively by building up layers and working through challenges that is very process-oriented.