Garden Gals

Unifor Hall
326 12th Street

The Garden Gals are an active art group of sketchers and painters, unique in that we all have a passion for art in nature, as we are keen New Westminster gardeners. We are a sub group of the long standing New Westminster Horticultural Society (NWHS) and members of ACNW.
Membership of NWHS is a requirement to belong to our sketch group. The NWHS sketch group several years back developed the show name “Garden Gals” as a bit of fun. The name has stuck and we have used it for the last ten years!!
Garden Gals have grown with these core values as our constant:
• We celebrate the glory of the garden
• We encourage and inspire one another
• We share our work in our community.
We are most proud of our participation in the NW Cultural Crawl over many years. The Garden Gals also take pride in the many public art installations we have been involved with i.e. Moody Park Yarn Bombing, Ephemeral Eco Art at Moody Park, Paper Girl at Anvil Centre and Pier Park.
The Garden Gals objective is to promote an appreciation of nature and urban green space by sharing our visions through painting.
Our Garden Gals as a group have a varied experience from formally trained artist and career artist to new found passion.